A lot of children in Sub-Saharan Africa are tasked with the heavy duty of collecting water every day. They then walk up to 3 hours a day to the nearest water source. This leaves them no time or energy to go to school. Many African families own large herds of goats which they use for milk and meat. In mountain areas, goats are being used as loyal pack animals. We put the two and two together and that’s how the Gh2oat backpack was born.

Robbe De Clerck / Senne Van den Broeck / Jeremi Vanderstichele



A backpack for goats to enable them to carry water. Instead of sending five people to the local water source each day, one person can go there twice a week accompanied by the herd of goats. We created a social purpose business, manufacturing these bags and a range of lifestyle producs in local workshops. For every lifestyle product that is bought on the western market, the customer funds a GH2OAT backbag to help the children in Africa.




By buying a messenger bag you provide enough money to make a Gh2oat backpack enabling
children to use their time for school and entertainment


Battle Of Talents: Second Place
VLAJO Business plan competition: Finalist


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