UPDATE: Currently I’m working on the next generation of the cupkeeper with added functionality

An innovative and unique design of cupholder to meet the changing demands of the festival/event market.
Providing marketing opportunity in combination with an improved usability (cupholder for multiple dimensions 25cl-33c-55cl and reusable).

3D printed prototypes were used for user testing and fine-tuning for injection molding in China.
Year 2017-2018: there were 100.000 pieces sold to events like Rock Werchter / Maes / Stella / KAA Gent / Prik&Tik / …

Project performed for Johan Verrue (

Generation 1: KUBA works (Arnout Debyser – Dries De Kersgieter – Jeremi Vanderstichele – Robbe De Clerck)
Generation 2: Personal project


2x 55CL mix



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